Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mum's Mini..

Making the mini quilts in Cheryll's swap last year gave me the perfect idea for part of Mum's Christmas gift..I really liked the one I made for the Spring swap ..I had traced out the stitchery design and had plenty of the fabric for the border left.... so after some stitching and sewing it was finished.  I kept meaning to share a photo so here is one at last..
I think I have decided on the design for the St Patrick's Day must get on with it as February is a short month...


  1. this is lovely Lyn,well done.xx

  2. Beautiful Lyn, the stitchery is such a pretty design, it looks wonderful in it's fancy stand!

  3. Your mini for mum is beautiful. I love the stitchery and the floral border. Just lovely.

  4. It is beautiful, such a pretty design.


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