Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Mini Quilts

...sent and received.  The last mini quilt swap for the year was a Christmas one.
I received one from Sue which featured poinsettia flowers with a beaded centre.  It reminds me so much of Christmas and the poinsettia that Mum had growing in the back garden in the old family home.
Thank you Sue!
I was making for Sue, which was quite convenient because we happen to live in the same town.  My time management skills at this time of the year have been a little bit off and Sue waited patiently for my gift to her to arrive.  (I was in contact with her to let her know).  I made a Gail Pan pattern, sized for the 12 inch square that we are all making.

This time of the year is always hectic at work..and there are now just 3 days till the end of the school year.  Phew!!
I  traced out another stitchery of the basket of flowers that I made for the Spring mini quilt I have 2 weeks to stitch it as a gift for Mum before I head over to Sydney to spend Christmas with her...just the two of us.  My husband is off to see the orthopaedic surgeon tomorrow for his 6 week check up following his hip operation.  His progress is really going ahead now.
The sun is shining outside...finally...and the washing and a few chores are I'll get on to them and reply to some overdue emails that need my attention later today.  I haven't forgotten.  After 3 interruptions, while I have been writing this post, I'd better finish it off and get it published before there is another one.
Happy Stitching


  1. love the mini quilt stitchery and the red fabric is perfect for it.... and a lovely poinsettia block too...

  2. gorgeous mini's both sent and received,well done ladies.xx

  3. Lovely Minis Lyn Both sent and received..

  4. Lovely blocks, yes, a hectic time of the year, all the more when families are still at home. So glad the man is recovering well, may his check-up be 100%. Cheers from jean

  5. It is a crazy time of year, but good to see you can still fit in some stitching.

  6. Lovely mini quilts, they are certainly worth waiting for. Good to see your hubbie is going well after his operation.


  7. Both mini quilts are beautiful. Glad you're fitting in some sewing time, hope you have a lovely time in Sydney.

  8. Wow Lyn...I agree, sent and received are just fantastic..


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