Thursday, November 22, 2012

Time slips by...

.....and before you know it, it is 4 weeks since my last post.  It has been a busy time here, but it should start to slow down in a few weeks and be a bit more relaxing!!!.  Some secret sewing going on and trying to meet deadlines.  I have been very lucky to have a couple of wins on is always exciting when the mail arrives.
From Sarah's giveaway I received this pattern by Rosalie Quinlan
 And then this lovely surprise win of the e-book for Home Sweet Quilt, when I commented on one of the blogs that was profiling Jill's new book.  I had decided that it was a book that I would just have to buy myself, as I didn't think I would be so lucky as to win one.

   My daughter and I have found the most tempting chocolate.
We were intrigued by it and thought why not give it a try.  Well the first block did not last very long at all and the 2nd block has not fared much better...
On the home husband's operation went well and he has been making good progress since he got out of hospital a few weeks back.  Now that he is feeling better and is more mobile, boredom is setting in for him..he is not used to having to sit back and take it easy.  Meanwhile he has to rely on me to drive him places and I have been busy doing lots of the things that he usually does.  It will be time to do the lawns again this weekend ..oh dear..the last time it took 2 hours of pushing the lawnmower around.  The old quarter acre section gives you plenty of room around the house, but it means there is lots of grass!!!  I can understand why people want to downsize!!


  1. congrats on your wins Lyn,well done and its great that hubby is feeling better.xx

  2. Lyn, lovely wins and you do deserve them so much.And I do understand about the lawn size, it ems to grow so much larger when the Man of the Property is laid up. He will be bored, does he read? Hugh has read more books in the last 6 weeks than for maybe 6 years!! I hope your
    man is behaving Dr's orders and that he will be up and about and back to the usual work soon. Cheers from Jean

  3. Well done on your win. I love Whittakers chocolate, not sure if I will be able to find that flavour here though, might have to get my sister to bring some over at Christmas time. I do know what you mean about the quarter acre block, huge lawns :(

  4. Glad to hear your hubz is recovering well... best wishes to a full lawn mowing recovery... lovely wins there and I'm not looking at the chocolate now!!!!!!!

  5. Such lovely wins. It is nice to have a surprise win isnt it. Oh dear, 1/4 acre blocks do mean lots of grass to mow, especially if you have had rain. Best wishes to Hubby for a fast and full recovery. Hope he manages to fill in his time well enough.
    Yummy looking chocolate.

  6. It does feel like time is racing by, December this week! Glad to hear your husband is recovering well. Your wins are lovely and the chocolate looks yummy, I haven't tried that one yet! Wendy xx


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