Friday, June 1, 2012

Normal Transmission Resumes...

Our wireless modem has always been a little temperamental, and every so often it can go offline, which is what happened the other day after the power went off for a very short time (while the electrician wired in a heatpump for us)...we had to go back to the old plug in modem which limited us to one computer on at a time, as it just didn't want to reconnect.
  So now it is back online, normal transmission has resumed again.
I missed getting in my finish for the month..I have decided that the crochet rug I have been working on is big enough now....
It has been good to drape over my knees while I crochet..but I have another one in need of rescue and it should keep me cosy on the cold nights ahead..


  1. what a lovely rug,Lyn.xx

  2. Beautiful rug, Lyn. It will be very handy during the winter.

  3. Your rug looks nice and warm Lyn, I think one of the good things about winter is we can work on things like that and keep warm at the same time.

  4. Beautiful crochet rug, hope you are having a lovely long weekend.


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