Monday, December 12, 2011

My lovely SSCS gift has arrived..

Aren't I the lucky SSCS parcel from Frances in NSW arrived this morning and it is wonderful...even the string on the package had that Christmas feel to it..
Inside are some beautifully wrapped gifts..all tied up with ribbon...and some Tim Tam fingers..yummy, just love Tim Tams..
So I am allowed to unwrap the decoration (and try to avoid the temptation of the other!! ) and inside was a beautiful Christmas ball, so I hung it from the bottlebrush out in the garden...doesn't it look fabulous, with its Christmas sparkle..I just love it...
Thank you so much Frances for your lovely gift...


  1. Oh Lyn so glad it has arrived and your ornament is so pretty

  2. How lovely. I have one from many years ago made in a similar way I would think but it is white and silver. It is not nearly as pretty as yours with the gold and red. Good to see you have time again, I will have to get blogging too!

  3. a lovely ornament from Fran.....pop the other present safely under the christmas tree...........not long til you can open it now..........

  4. It is so exciting when the parcel arrives. Your ornament looks gorgeous hanging in the bottlebrush, very festive.

  5. love your's all very exciting this swap....

  6. That is just perfect for hanging on a bottlebrush :0)


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